Snapshots of Change

Full demolition time lapse


I finally got around to uploading all 2GBs of the time-lapse video in full HD.

Check it out.

Author: Steve Berrick

Steve is a visual artist exploring interactive digital media technologies and video art using open source creative coding toolkits. He is a member of local art collectives ololo and G.R.L. Perth and is currently in the middle of a two year residency at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts in West Perth.


  1. how do i get a copy of this video/clip of the demolition as we would like to play it at our reunion in a few weeks.

  2. Hi Suzie.
    You can download the video from it’s Vimeo page here:
    It’s licensed under a Creative Commons license – meaning you’re free to use it / show it / remix it / do whatever you like – as long as your’e using it non-commercially and you attribute me as the author.
    Regards, Steve.

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  4. So nice to see the ol’ alma-mater come down. It had a real prison feel to it, and was staffed along the same lines back in the day. I remeber hanging kids over the railings on the top floor (possibly dangerous) and some illegal stuff that was a lot of fun but I can’t go into.

    The land is so nice without that horrible building there. The replacement doesn’t look exactly inspiring though.

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