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Photoshop Workshop


Today I led the Year 11 and 12 Photography class in creating works using photos taken during our excursion to the Midland Railway Workshops.

Using a technique I have experimented (and become obsessed) with over the last few years, the students overlayed multiple photographs with different Photoshop blend effects to create over saturated abstract collages. I have written software to create video from photographs using this technique (examples below), which I’ve then displayed in gallery installations and projected behind bands and DJs in music venues. Videos is generated from thousands of photos I have taken exploring different themes. It was interesting to see how the students responded to the process, which has almost infinite final results.

Below is some video I generated last year for a group show called In Transit, which featured video works displayed in disused shop windows in the Wellington St Bus Station. This work stresses themes of urban construction, decay and identity, and street art / graffiti. Some screenshots of the better parts of the video follow.

Some more works can be found on my Vimeo page.

Author: Steve Berrick

Steve is a visual artist exploring interactive digital media technologies and video art using open source creative coding toolkits. He is a member of local art collectives ololo and G.R.L. Perth and is currently in the middle of a two year residency at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts in West Perth.

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